How it Works

First of all, it wouldn’t work at all if it weren’t for the compassion and generosity of our partnering organizations. They make donations to Smile with a Heart so that we can treat our patients. They are listed below

Corporate Partners


Smile with a Heart has to be simple to work. Many people who have trouble routinely seeing their dentist have busy and often unpredictable schedules that makes going to the dentist difficult. That is why we set a single date for Smile with a Heart that is honored by every one of our participating locations.

A family initiates contact with Smile with a Heart by contacting our organization to see if they qualify for a free dental check-up at one of our locations. Once they are qualified, they will be invited to be treated at the nearest participating dental practice. Lastly, once the scheduled date rolls around they would show up for their appointment and receive a free dental check-up—no strings attached. It’s that simple.